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Where will my boxes be stored?

Your boxes will be stored with our partner facility FileBank , a trusted storage company that has been operating for 25 years and is trusted by some of the top banks and law firms. These facilities provide 24-hour security surveillance and a climate controlled environment. We provide pick-up and delivery of your boxes directly to your home, so you do not have to visit the facility yourself.

What can I store?

You can store items such as winter clothing, books, documents, camping and travel gear - anything that you would have infrequent use for.

Your stored items must not include any of the following: cash, live animals or creatures, fire arms, explosives, flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.), drugs or drug paraphernalia, stolen items, illegal items, hazardous items of any kind, hazardous or toxic waste material of any kind, items that produce odors of any kind, valuables, jewelry, money or securities, items that need a controlled environment, any item which (or may) detrimentally affects anything that is outside of your box (such as the boxes of other users, the storage facility, etc.). When storing equipment with batteries, disconnect the battery cables to any equipment and remove any batteries.

If you wish to store works of art, we do offer a specialized climate and humidity controlled facility. Please contact us directly at or call 1-844-692-6948 for a quote.

What size are the boxes?

Our standard boxes are 21.8" x 15.2" x 12.9".

Do you store oversized items?

At this time, we do not offer oversized storage.

What is the weight limit for each box?

We cannot accept any boxes that weigh more than 50 lbs.

Is there a limit as to how many boxes I can store?

Not at all! We offer bulk discounts for bigger box orders. If you are interested in storing over 50 boxes with us, please let us know at

Are my boxes secure?

Security is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Our partner facility is monitored with 24 hour surveillance and is trusted by top banks and law firms. We also provide zip ties for sealing the boxes, to ensure that they do not open in the transportation process.

Your boxes will be safer with us than with any other storage locker in the city.

Are the contents of my boxes insured?

Yes, we insure each standard Boxit box up to $100. Most Homeowner Insurance Policies provide coverage for items in storage. Please check with your insurance providers for more details. If you are storing oversized items, different boxes, or require additional insurance, please contact us at


How will my packed boxes be picked up?

You can specify a pick-up time for your boxes, in the format of a 3 hour time window. Our friendly staff will come to your home or office, pick up your boxes, and take them to our storage facility free of charge. We offer pick-up between 10am and 10pm, every day of the year. Orders must be received by 4pm to be fulfilled the next day. Orders received after 4pm can be fulfilled two calendar days later. Requests for Sunday pick-ups must be received latest by Friday at 4pm.

How do I get my boxes back?

Whenever you would like access to your boxes, simply request for the boxes on our website by logging into your account. You can specify a 3-hour window where you will be at home or in your office. You can request deliveries the following day, or at a later date. Orders must be received by 4pm to be fulfilled the following day. Orders received after 4pm can be fulfilled two calendar days later. We do deliveries every day between 10am and 10pm. Requests for Sunday drop-offs must be received latest by Friday at 4pm.

Can I pick up my boxes myself?

Yes, you absolutely can pick up the boxes yourself. We will coordinate a time when our staff can pull out the boxes for you. You will not be charged a delivery fee, but we do charge a $5 handling fee.

What if I am not home when the boxes are dropped off?

We try our best to work around your schedule to ensure that we drop off boxes at a time when you will be home. We operate daily from 10am to 11pm, including weekends. Under normal circumstances, we will not leave our boxes at your door, unless you live in a building with a concierge that can accept the boxes. We will call you half an hour before we come by your home to ensure that you are present.

If you are not home for a delivery, and have not made arrangements with us for the boxes to be left with someone else, we will charge a $17 penalty fee. To prevent this from happening, please contact us at or call us at 1844-MYBOXIT to cancel or reschedule orders.

How much time do I have to pack the boxes?

After we drop off empty boxes at your home, you are responsible for booking a pick-up of your packed boxes within 1 week of the empty box drop-off date. We start charging storage fees 7 days after your initial empty box drop-off, even if the boxes are still at your home. If you would like to save the hassle of booking a pick-up trip, you can have your items ready in a large plastic bag and put them directly into the boxes when you receive them, and the driver can take them into storage right away.


What is the minimum amount of time I have to store for?

We require a minimum storage commitment of 3 months. If you do wish to store for a shorter amount of time, you will still be billed for the full 3 months. We do make exceptions for bulk orders, please contact us at 1-844-MYBOXIT or to inquire.

How much will I be charged?

Your bill will be for $7 per box per month for storage plus a delivery fee $15 + $2 per box for returning boxes from storage. This delivery fee will be applied each time boxes are recalled from storage.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards and Visa debit cards.

When will my billing start?

You will be charged once your boxes arrive back at our facility and have been scanned into our system. Then you will be billed monthly from then onwards.

After we drop off empty boxes at your home, you are responsible for booking a pick-up of your packed boxes within 1 weeks of the empty box drop-off date. We will start charging storage fees 7 days after your initial box drop-off, even if the boxes are still at your home.

When will my billing end?

Your monthly subscription fee will end after you've recalled all of your boxes back to your home, unpacked them, and requested a pick-up of the empty boxes. Billing will continue as long as the empty boxes are still at your home.


Which cities does Boxit operate in?

Our services are currently offered in the Greater Toronto Area, defined as Highway 9 as the northern boundary, Lake Ontario as the southern boundary, Hamilton as the western boundary and Brock road as the eastern boundary. Wish we could be where you are? Let us know at

Couldn't find your question? Call us at 1-844-MYBOXIT (1-844-692-6948) today!

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