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Our Customers Use Boxit for Home...

"Simple, convenient, affordable. Boxit vastly increases the size of my apartment. Boxit's pickup and delivery times were flexible enough to work around my schedule, so I never found the process to be disruptive, it's only ever been helpful. You know those things in your house that just sit there collecting dust? Me neither.”

- Rich Gilbank

...For Office Cleaning...

"Boxit was a big help in cleaning out the kitchen in our office. We had a bunch of boxes that were just an eyesore to look at, but were always hesitant to store it ourselves because of the slow turnaround time, and high costs, of getting these boxes reshipped to our office. The well priced retrieval costs for a 1-day turnaround, as well as great service (our office describing the Boxit delivery guys as "the best dressed box movers they've ever seen") made cleaning out our kitchen an easy and pleasant experience. Thanks Boxit!"

- Daniel Rodic, Managing Director at Loose Button

...And for Moving and Staging

"I had a complicated situation of having bought a lovely new home and then quickly needing to renovate my old house while clearing out most of my things to prepare for showing the property. Boxit was made to order! The company was very flexible and enabled me to pack up over 60 boxes worth of stuff, send it out the door while the reno was underway, and I could even get back a few boxes for a minimal charge to retrieve something I needed. I found everyone in the company friendly and accommodating, and the online catalogue was super helpful in tracking what of my things ended up in which box! Knowing that the boxes would then magically get delivered to my new home when I was ready for them allowed for an orderly move of furniture and really took away a lot of the stress. I've already been recommending Boxit to my friends and realtor!"

- Peter Stoll

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